10 Sep 2010

8 Days to LFW: F&S speak to fashion insider Leila

What is your profession?
I'm the Fashion Editor for Who's Jack magazine.

Who are your readers?
We have a great relationship with our readers, typically 18 to 30 year old creative professionals, interested in all aspects of fashion, music, art and life. I generally cater for readers with a high street budget but with a strong interest in trends and designer fashion, which is a great challenge for me to unearth quality style for budget prices.

What does LFW mean to you, your reader and how do you prepare for it?
For me LFW is the best opportunity to discover designers and trends that I can feature for the next six months in the magazine. I love to look round the exhibition, especially now that LFW has moved to Somerset House, as the new layout feels much more creative, much more London. It's also a great opportunity to find overseas designers that I wouldn't necessarily have access to. I prepare for the week by emailing friends at pr agencies - the more invites the better, and contacting Who's Jack's fashion contributors. This season I’ve got a team of four.

What does your LFW schedule look like?
Invites are coming in slowly but surely so I'm not entirely sure yet. I'll spend at least two days checking out the exhibition in between shows but I'm most looking forward to menswear day on the 22nd. It's great that the BFC have provided a platform for all the incredible and young menswear designers in London, like Carolyn Massey and Christopher Shannon.

What is your favorite moment in a LFW day?
There's nothing I find more exciting than pre-show suspense, whether I'm standing or seated on the second row. The moment that the lights go down, the music starts and the first model hits the catwalk is why I love working in fashion so much.

And trend- wise what are you looking out for during LFW S/S 11?
I’m often inspired by what people wear to LFW. I love watching the good looking and chic men and women walk by but don’t like to see someone that has made too much effort. In recent seasons you can spot the attention seekers from the bottom of the Strand. In terms of trends, I hope to see the minimal look following over, with focus on beautiful fabrics and colour.

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