9 Sep 2010

9 Days to LFW: F&S speak to fashion insider Ioannis Dimitrousis

What is your profession?
Foremost I am a Fashion designer/ Creative director for ioannisdimitrousis, but I am also a stylist for several magazines and I do some fashion consultancy as well.

Who are your clients?
ioannisdimitrousis boasts a mixed audience but there are noticeable constants. For example my client's age seems to vary between 28 and 40. They also tend to be professionals that are not predominantly involved in the fashion industry. Though my handmade crochet pieces are very popular I also provide my clients with more than just a garment and something that feels great and is unique.

What does LFW mean to you, your clients and how do your prepare for it?
Sometimes LFW feels like a competition. Who is going to stand out more? Whose collection is the best? This is human and very natural and by all means has positive effects. For example it is a great place to get inspired, to do business and to socialise. It is where you can build your name whether you are a designer, a photographer, a stylist, or a fashion journalist. LFW, like all fashion weeks has also received negative criticism. Sometimes it feels like it immortalises well known designers even if they roll down the catwalk a very boring collection. Preparing from LFW has been well documented by all designers involved. I prepare my designs from the summer. From then on it is all about patters, toiles, samples, appointments and press. Just before LFW our schedule becomes hectic as we rush to finish everything on time.

What does your LFW schedule look like?
At the moment it is hectic! I am adding finishing touches to the collection, I am preparating for the show, building up energy for the after sho parties and other shows. I have a long list of press and buyer appointments and all this is a lot of work!

What is your favourite moment in a LFW day?
Once my show is over and I get a moment to reflect on LFW successes. That is usually on my walk home later in the evening. And trend- wise what are you looking out for during LFW S/S 11 ? Folklore romance; ethnic patterns with chic contemporary elegance. simplicity with extravagant shapes in pastel tones, pinks, greys, reds, and greens.

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