Jojo Provatidou is Co - founder and Co - author of Fox&Squirrel. She moved to London several years ago where she pursued a path in architecture. She soon realised that that was not her dream and turned to fashion. Since then she has worked with the like of Ana Sekularac, and Kabir and remains a fashion correspondent for Greek publications. Though architecture did not prove to be the career she wanted it has definitely influenced her fashion sense by helping her develop an acute feel and eye for design whilst perplexed structures are something she always looks out for. 

Penelope Sacorafou is Co - founder and Co - author of Fox&Squirrel. She is half Greek half English and moved to London several years ago. Prior to this she lived in Paris and Edinburgh where she read History. Her mission is to break down national boundaries and promote young emerging artists. She considers the internet to be the best means to achieve either of the two. By categorising the work of artists based on medium rather than national origin Penelope hopes to eliminate the georgaphical limitations that prevent young artists becoming familiar with the work of others, network and exchange ideas. Amongst many other things Penelope is a Pisces, pretentious and a revolutionary and a materialist Marxist!

            Venetia Van Hoorn Alkema is Fox&Squirrel's talented photographer. Our first collaboration took place in Paris where Venetia was studying photography at Speos. Before moving to Paris, she studied History of Art at the University of Edinburgh where her first forays into photographic theory and practice took place. Her studies in art coupled with her keen interest in fashion has inspired a unique fashion photography style which expresses today's fashion trends through the lens of 20th century paintings and sculptures. Venetia is currently working with Fox&Squirrel to produce a report on London's street fashion during LFW 2010. Venetia also works with musicians, stylists and as an events photographer. She is contactable at Fox&Squirrel highly recommend her.  

Ida Hajdari was born and raised in Albania but has spent the past 11 years between London and Prague. She is currently completing a PhD at the London Consortium in which she examines the use of film loops by contemporary film artists. Though she is fascinated by film as a medium she has had a love- hate relationship with the cinema for ever. Despite being an avid reader it took her many years to be able to read and appreciate poetry. Ida has recently taken up reading newspapers and watching television programs with some regularity again. To contact Ida email

Constantinos Chaidalis aka is Fox&Squirrel's Creative Persona. Constantinos is a motion & broadcast designer for Mad TV, the biggest music television network in Greece. He also collaborates with creative agencies and production companies and produces album covers and illustrations. He has been shortlisted for awards on competitions like Onedotzero, EΒΓΕ and the International Independent Film Festival and has taken part in numerous international collective exhibitions with installations, video art projects and illustrations. For commissions and/or further information email

Born and bred in London, Natasha fled North to Edinburgh to study English Literature and History of Art, and then even further afield to Melbourne to pretend to surf and study creative writing. She returned to London to work in the arts as a creative and communications consultant. She has also been known to direct and produce short art docs on rock culture and photography. She writes for a variety of arts blogs.