19 May 2010

Sovio Wine Label Competition

The saying goes "never judge a book by its cover"? Well its utter nonsense. A successful book cover captures the creativity of the author and the intensity of his writing. The same goes for wine bottle labels. A successful label will capture the wine's age, fruity or dry flavour, and spices accurately.
Sovio Wines in collaboration with FADwebsite are looking for the next label design that best represents the tastes of Sovio Wines.
The competition is now open to all designers and creatives from all levels of their careers. They are looking for something truly original that will capture the fresh and exciting brand persona. The lucky winner will not only proudly see their design lining shelves of the UK's largest supermarket chain, but also win a round trip for two to San Fransisco and five nights hotel accommodation.
As well as selecting one overall winner the top ten entries will be exhibited at a live London art show in August 2010.
All designs will be judged by a panel of industry experts in art, design and branding.  
The deadline for the competition is 30th of July 5pm. To apply please click here.
The panel of judges includes: Chris Pensa, owner of Love Art London; Sarah Ryan, owner of New Blood Art; Mark Westall, Creative Director of FADWebsite; and Ethan Allen, Creative Director of Raspberry Media 
Fox& Squirrel would like to thank our favourite cultural enthusiast Pippa Irvine for informing us about the competition.

3 May 2010

Fox&Squirrel Interview Alice Palmer

Alice Palmer graduated in Textiles from Glasgow School of Art in 2000. In just one year she set up her business designing and selling fashion accessories. Her dedication to fashion saw her move to London to pursue a Masters at the Royal College of Art. In 2008 at New York Fashion Week Alice won the the 'Best Designer' Award. At the Press Event Fox&Squirrel got to talk to fashion designer Alice Palmer. We leave you with the interview and some pictures of Alice's A/W 10 collection 'Batman'.

Fox&Squirrel: Is it not slightly bizarre to move from textiles to actual fashion designing?

Alice Palmer: Many people ask that actually but looking back it makes perfect sense. I have always adored knitwear and knew that that was what I wanted to make. My time as a Textiles student allowed me to get personal with the fabrics I would eventually be using. I studied them hard and experimented with them. I developed new techniques, my own techniques if you wish, that enabled me to become an innovative and successful designer.

F&S: From textile student to fashion designer to 'Womenswear designer of the Year' in 2008 at New York's Fashion Week. How did that feel?

A.P.: To be honest I had no clue there were to be any awards. I thought being there was an award itself. It definitely feels great to be recognised like that.

F&S: So A/W 2010 'Batman'?

A.P:Yes, I always loved Batman and I think the intricate and detailed gadgets in the film lend themselves well to - couture. I asked myself, what would someone wear whilst riding the 'Batman' bike? And that is how your favourite leggings came about. How many of us wished we were cat- woman when we were growing up? The image of Michelle was stuck in our heads. So I designed a cat suit. The 'Batman' theme is a great one for a winter collection. Its dark but sexy. 'Batman' was a great source of inspiration for me but it was also rather liberating as it allowed me to explore other territories. Take 'punk' for example. I think the influences from punk are pretty obvious in my A/W 2010 collection. I would say the studs I used are a tribute to punk.

F&S: Indeed studs are quite prominent in this collection.

A.P: [she giggles] I think I ordered 2000 studs. Each pair of tights has about 60 studs sown on to them.

F&S: What kind of woman do you design for?

A.P: Well, I only just started designing clothes that I myself would wear. I suppose the woman I envision are a bit 'bolshy', in a good way though. She is not afraid to speak her mind.

F&S: So this woman does not belong to a certain era?

A.P: No, I am note really into looking back. I design for today's woman that is equipped for the future.

F&S: What would you say the next trend is?

A.P: I would like leather to hang around a bit more. I think it well might do but I also think velvet will become more and more prominent.

F&S: And, finally what should we expect from your next collection?

A.P: I can't reveal any secrets. It is a surprise and I would hate to be the one that wrecks that for you.