28 Feb 2010

Sunday at Columbia Flower Market with Athina Ioannidou

Our Sunday started early today. In an effort to keep our mood lifted and defeat the city's grey-ness we decided to spend our day in a place filled with colours and headed to Columbia Road Flower Market. It proved to be a very wise choice.
Our friend and photography lover Athina Ioannidou accompanied us and documented our walk through the flower stalls and the amazing shops hidden behind them.
Street style documentation of the city itself, enjoy!

26 Feb 2010


Maaike Mekking treated us with an extraordinary presentation of her new collection during London Fashion Week A/W 2010-11. Collaborating with a group of interdisciplinary artists like Tania Leshkina (Film Direction), Joseph Xorto (music) and Anastasia Freaygang (Poem) she presented "a fervent, mythical landscape of separates;referencing time and ritual, evoking he atmosphere of films such as Badlands (1973) and Christiane F (19821)."

All the materials used for the collection evoked a certain  "physical and emotional trek" that enticed us into another world "journeying us through an appropriation of masculine American classics; leather biker jacket, white T-shirt and denim jeans......to the vistas of Middle America with glimpses of black seen through hand-stenciled prints, zip detailing and enlarged metal poppers".Fox&Squirrel feel very happy that found the time to attend the presentation amidst the Fashion Week craziness and would like to share with you some images from this breathtaking performance. 

Photography by Keith Martin
Images kindly provided by MAAIKE MEKKING


Ida Hajdari of Fox&Squirrel received an email a few days ago about this upcoming festival in Athens. She has decided to share it with all of you out there. The festival is a great opportunity you for those interested in performance, sound and light installations, live media and image. Unfortunately the deadline for applications is approaching soon but come on be inspired and submit your proposals!

Please let Ida know your progress.

Here goes:
"The mission crew will be artists who wish to explore new horizons proposing unique and adventurous projects on performance/ live media/ image.
MIRfestival welcomes experimental and adventurous creation at the meeting point of arts: performing arts / live media / image. It enables meeting between artists of different provenance and between artists and the audience. It is a place where artists share their vision of the world and of the reality with audiences ready to make a shift, to question their views, to be propelled to new horizons and to see new realities emerge.
MIRfestival presents innovative, experimental artistic projects.

You are welcome to submit:
* performance and small scale dance or theatre performances, researching on the co-existence of the performer’s presence, image and media
* live media projects, electronica and image projects
* urban projects and interventions in the city
* installations, video-installations, or other visual arts projects, including interactive ones
* experimental film and video in which the emphasis is not on verbal narration, but on image, movement and the language of the camera.

MIRfestival is not thematic. However, for its 2010 edition, apart from the other projects to be presented in the frame of the festival, it is searching for projects and actions intervening to Athens squares, under the title HERE/ NOW.
Your proposals on this subject can be actions of different types (performance, actions, happenings, lighting or sound interventions, or other). We are looking forward to receiving your proposals!"

After the selection procedure, some of your projects will be part of the programme of MIRfestival 2010.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, March 26, 2010

For more information regarding MIRFESTIVAL 2010 check out their website here
We leave you with some images from the previous festival. For more images please click through here

Image 1: copyright: arsondpi.gr
Image 2: copyright: arsondpi.gr

All images used were kindly provided by MIRFESTIVAL website

25 Feb 2010

Introducing Lefteris Pr

Fox&Squirrel proudly present photographer, stylist, hair & make-up artist Lefteris.
A new addition to London's creative scene, Lefteris is definitely a name that you should keep in mind.

Lefteris comes from an Academic background . He read Latin and Ancient Greek at the Ionian University were he graduated in 2008 and decided to move to Thessaloniki on the North part of Greece to work as an editor in chief for d.a.r. magazine where he discovered his creative nature. Lefteris now resides in London and studies Fashion Styling & Photography at London College of Fashion.

As his images speak more than 1000 words Fox&Squirrel would like to share a sample of Lefteris work with you. More information will be announced shortly with details regarding our exciting upcoming collaboration.

LFW AW10/11 - Day 6 - Orschel-Read

Photography by Paul Morgan.
Images kindly provided by Felicities Ltd.

LFW AW10/11 - Day 5 - Alice Palmer

Photography by Chris Dadey.
Images kindly provided by Felicities Ltd.

LFW A/W 2010/11 Street Style with Venetia Alkema - Mix & Match


23 Feb 2010

LFW AW10/11 - Day 4 - Pam Hogg

Fox&Squirrel in London Fashion Week Daily

Jojo of Fox&Squirrel has been out in the rain with Venetia to snap up and document London's street fashion style. 
Little did she know that someone else was eyeing her up! Image was taken from London Fashion Daily. To have a look at their site click here

LFW AW10/11 - Day 3 - Doii

Photography by Chris Dadey.
Images kindly provided by Felicities Ltd.

LFW A/W 2010/11 Street Style with Venetia Alkema - Patterns and Layering