11 Sep 2010

7 Days to LFW: F&S speak to fashion insider Choolips

What is your profession? 
Designer & Founder @Choolips 

Who are your clients? 
asos.com and boutiques 

What does LFW mean to you and how do your prepare for it? 
In terms of seeing shows I select which ones I would like to attend, but in the end its all about having a bit of spontaneity to it too. As far as Choolips is concerned everything is prepared months before so I guess LFW is the time to have a bit of fun while working. 

What does your LFW schedule look like? 
We will be opening Choolips' Showroom. Much looking forward to that! Otherwise I will be attending the YCFE - Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year/British Council awards ceremony, Esthetica and few select shows as time is tight. 

What is your favourite moment in a LFW day? 
When I discover pieces where I can see that the designer has worn his heart at his sleeve, pieces that really speak a truth. 

And trend- wise what are you looking out for during LFW S/S 11? 
I will keep my eyes out for surprises and for hints of something that gives a future glimmer amongst the audiences as much as the shows.

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