12 Sep 2010

6 Days to LFW: F&S speak to In-House fashion insider Jojo Provatidou

What is your profession? 
Foremost, I am the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fox&Squirrel. Besides the everyday running of the company I am responsible for our personal styling sessions and alongside fashion photographers Venetia Alkema and Lefteris Pr I produce Fox&Squirrel's fashion reports. I am also the Events' Manager of Schon! Magazine here in London and contributing assistant stylist for >bmm Magazine in Milan.

Who are your clients? 
My clients at Fox&Squirrel vary from young creatives that come to London to study or for leisure to fashion conscious professionals that need to catch up with the latest trends and don't have the time, the patience or the means to do so by themselves. It is a great process as I get to meet so many interesting individuals, and because London is forever evolving I keep on discovering so many new places. 

What does LFW mean to you and your clients, and how do your prepare for it?
LFW is a very important and influential period in my work calendar. It requires great time management in order to attend all the shows, and visit all the showrooms and the late night openings at boutiques. It is THE time to discover new talents and new places and come up with new projects and ideas. I usually try to wake up early and do some last minute preparations and then I am off to the shows. My MUST HAVE item during the LFW days is my Mulberry bag,  which funnily enough carries all my other smaller must have items like a bottle of water, packets of dried fruits and nuts and of course my iphone (which I make sure to charge fully in the morning). My iphone is essential as i use it to communicate and to announce everything I witness at different shows.  I usually think of the outfit that I will wear a day in advance always keeping in mind that with me I need to take a pair of comfortable shoes that I can run in from one show to another.

>bmm magazine Milan
   9 Muses
Styling Jojo Provatidou
Photography Lefteris Pr
What does your LFW schedule look like? 
I always try to attend all the shows that I am invited to. I must admit that the decision to move LFW to Somerset House last season has made the week so much more accessible and easier for everyone that attends on and off schedule shows and exhibitions. I always try to go to as many up and coming designers shows as possible which sometimes create gaps in my daily schedule as I have to go to areas like Old Street or Whitechapel where most of the new designers stage their shows / performances / exhibitions. My LFW evenings are booked up with presentations and events which means that I don't get home before midnight. This is the time that I sit in front of my laptop and create image reports with all the great pictures Venetia and Lefteris PR have snapped up exclusively for Fox&Squirrel. Reflecting on LFW street styles must definitely be one of my favourite moments!

Looking at my calendar at the moment, the LFW schedule actually start 2 days before the official date with the launch of Schon! Magazine's party at the German Embassy!

What is your favourite moment in a LFW day?
When I can go backstage and speak to the designers and the art teams and experience the adrenalin levels of the moment with them. 

And trend wise what are you looking out for during LFW S/S 11
One of the many reasons I absolutely love LFW is the array of new talents that are on show and I believe that it is their work that influences the trends of each season. For LFW S/S 11 I am almost certain that we will see a lot of 3D either on prints or the garments' shapes themselves. I won't be surprised if upon entering a show I am asked to wear a 3d pair of glasses to watch a presentation of a printed summer dresses. I am also expecting to see very interesting color palettes and innovative textiles and fabrics. 

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