29 Mar 2010

We Felt the Art with ArtFeelers

First of all, apologies are due to artfeelers crew! (We really did not mean to make that rhyme).
So we finally got round to going on an Art Feelers tour with the lovely Miss Flannery and it has taken us forever to write up about it but here it is and we promise to do you justice!

ArtFeelers was set up by Claire Flannery, a former animations student, come history of art whizz, and finally cultural & creative industries post grad. The woman really is a Jack of all trades and has a real flair for discovering new art and art venues. Flannery is so enthusiastic about this she wishes to spread the knowledge. Several months back she set up ArtFeelers with the aim, as her website states, to remove the barriers that supposedly separate non-creative people from creative people. Its about everyone joining in, and everyone learning to appreciate the art. Needless to say we were more than keen to check what this was all about.  

On Sunday last week we decided to become ArtFeelers and met up with our tour guide Claire at The Museum of Childhood. There we  took a quick peak at Martino Gamper's chair arch in the gorgeous Victorian interior of the Museum of Childhood which I thoroughly recommend that you go to and give itan hour or so - the dolls' houses are really cool and there are loadsof interesting things for both gender sterotypes.

This was followed by an introduction to our next stop, Vyner Street. Claire explained the significance of Vyner Street as the heart of theeast end contemporary art scene and with anything between 50 - 100galleries at any one time, the most per capita than anywhere else inthe world and 10,000 artists according to possibly Olympic plansurveys, it is argubly the most important 'art scene' in Europe. Youcan imagine that Vyner street is very important indeed!

Our first stop was Wilkinson Gallery to see the last day of A K Dolven's 'When the sky became my ground'. Ella spoke to us about the work and the practicalities of selling work like film and video art.

Leaving Wilkinson Gallery we popped in to Vegas Gallery next to see Peeping Tom curated by Keith Coventry which included work by Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Jamie Shovlin, Oliver Clegg and Sebastian Horsley (the famous Soho Dandy painted ever so accurately by portrait painter Ian Bruce).

Next was Kate MacGarry, one of the most important art dealers in London. Last was Madder 139, which like Vegas had just recently relocated to Vyner Street. Fran Young's Song of Farewell is a wonderful video (you can watch it again
here if you like although it suffers for not being projected large) that for me is not just about the beauty of the scene but about the beauty that can be found quite unexpectedly. It will defintely remind you of Hitchcocks Birds, a brilliant film.

Lastly Claire spoke to us about Regents studios which houses a number of galleries and also Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects space beside it and his soon to be Fourth Plinth project - which will look like this - and will be unveiled on 24th of May, I can't wait.

Fox&Squirrel really recommend you go on an ArtFeelers tour. With no cliche intended, there is so much waiting to be discovered. Oh and spread that artfeeling loving to all your friends, family and colleagues!

Image 1: Claire Flannery; Image 2: Vyner Street; Image 3: Interiors of Wilkinson Gallery; Image 4: Video by A.K Dolven; Image 5: Vegas Gallery- ArtFeeler feeling the art!
Images for this blog post were provided by  Kat Brudnicka, for more please click here

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