14 Apr 2010

Post - Apocalyptic Art

People have always been obsessed with the world coming to an end. Lets not start naming the amount of films with the apocalypse as a subject matter (in fact I think that may well have been a title for one of them). Let me remind you of the run up to the milenium- computers were going to crash (I think one did) and oh how the world was going to end and what was going to happen to us all? We quickly got over that and it is now 2010!

But lets assume the world did come to an end in 2000. We've already conjured
up the scenarios of how this would happen but what about who and what would succeed us? What remnants would we leave behind and how would our successors perceive us to be like?One artist has thought about this. Fiona Long's work the apocalypse has alredy taken place and the artist herself, has stepped in the shoes of future archeologists to tell us what they would be faced against and what they would think of our civilisation today.
Fiona's anachronistic art practise involves a pictorial language loop between material, painted image, and re-imagined post- industrial objects combined with bush craft techniques. This presents the viewer with a puzzle of origin and motivation. Embracing the aesthetic of wabi- sabi, the work explores a hierarchy of needs, human ingenuity and a desire to understand a world through taxonomic process of creation and display.

Fiona says the main motivation for her work "is to encourage people to look at their worlds in a different way and to explore their surroundings with a kind of childhood excitement. I like to focus on the everyday and bring a new twist to it, to expolore a new way of perceiving."

Fiona recently took part in the group exhibition WAM at the Crypt Gallery below St Pancras Church. Fiona has enjoyed taking part in a cultural exchange to Tokyo.
Fiona has exhibited widely and has paintings owned internationally. To take a look at her site please click here.
Fox&Squirrel leave you with some footage of Fiona on House Gift.

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  1. I have been following Fiona's work for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me. Her way of looking at the world around her is fresh and with an excitement rarely seen. She has not only a great deal to share but also to teach. Your profile here of her post-apocalyptic work is wonderful. Thank you!